DIY GoPro Grenade Grip

DIY GoPro Grenade Grip

I had a few GoPro parts laying around so I make myself a DIY GoPro Grenade Grip. The grip is rubberised so it provides good drip in dry and wet conditions.

Parts List

GoPro DIY Grip Parts List

  • GoPro with mount (the water proof case that comes with the camera will do).
  • Mini paint roller handle (I got this one from B&Q).
  • 2 inch long ΒΌ inch diameter bolt and nut (I struggled to find this size in Ireland where metric bolts are more common).
  • GoPro tripod adapter.
  • GoPro mounting screw (Again comes with the camera).


Step 1.

Pull the metal roller holder out of the handle. A bit of brute strength should get it out. Standing on the metal bit helps as well.
handle removal

Step 2.

Thread the bolt into the hole left from the metal bar and lock it in place with a nut.

Step 3.

Screw the tripod mount onto the bolt. If necessary you can trim down the length of the bolt, or add a few washers, for a better fit.
tripod mount

Step 4 (Optional).

Seal between the roller handle and the tripod mount with epoxy or Sugru to make sure the bolt will not come undone or rotate.

And there you have it a waterproof, sturdy, grippy and inexpensive GoPro grenade style grip.